Saving Water Tips

Washing machine pipe in bucket to save water

Saving Water Tips

Almost every day there’s a news item that reminds us that it’s not only Cape Town that’s running out of water. Being able to turn on a tap and get clean drinking water is something we tend to take for granted, but for many people in the world that remains an impossible dream.

To help you conserve as much water as possible, here are out top tips to save water at home this summer:

  1. - Place a bucket under the outlet pipe of your washing machine and use the grey water you collect to wash your car or patio. You can also use this water for flushing toilets.
  2. - If you don’t already have them, install gutters and a water storage tank to collect precious rainwater that you can then use to water your organic veggie garden.
  3. - Fit an attachment to the pipe that drains your bath and collect this water for irrigation.
  4. - A bucket in the shower is also a great idea – but be sure to use organic or non-toxic bath and shower products as otherwise this water won’t be too healthy for your plants. Avoiding toxic toiletries will also give your own health a long-term boost.
  5. - If you tend to use your toilet as a bin – don’t! It’s criminal to flush it every time you want to throw away a tissue or a fluffball. Rather place a bin with a liner next to your toilet.
  6. - Did you know that running taps are one of the ways in which people waste the most water? Simple tips to cut down on the amount of water that goes straight down the sink include fitting restrictors or aerators to each tap to reduce the flow.
  7. - You should also label all your taps – using a piece of ribbon or even nail varnish – to distinguish hot from cold. That will save you wasting litres of water while you wait for the cold tap to produce hot water. It’s also helpful for house guests who wouldn’t otherwise know.
  8. - If you know of more great water-saving tips, why not share them on our Facebook page? After all, we don’t want to be shedding tears when our water runs out – that really would be a waste of water!

When the well's dry, we will know the worth of water

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