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Just before Christmas, Antonia was interviewed on Johannesburg radio station Power 98.7 FM. If you missed the interview, you might enjoy this recap of the key moments in the conversation as Antonia talked about vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, and other people’s perceptions of them.

Antonia revealed that one of the biggest challenges faced by people who choose to follow a plant-based diet is a lack of understanding from family and friends. It’s simply a matter of enjoying beautiful vegetables and fruits, and largely avoiding not just meat but animal products such as butter and milk.

She explained that she herself had been brought up as a vegetarian from the age of 12, and that she still loves how her clean, natural diet makes her feel. It’s great for the skin, for gut health, and for the environment.

Antonia also talked about how meat itself is not the issue, but the amount of it that people tend to consume. In our rushed, busy lives, how many of us are mindful of what we are actually putting in our bodies?

Happily, the world is changing - thanks to farmers’ markets and restaurants like Leafy Greens Café, people are becoming more conscious of their own health, and that of our planet. It’s a combination of a greater desire to make more responsible choices, but also to have more fun with food, and rediscover our childhood sense of joy and experimentation.

There’s a real emphasis on flavour, which means that people can enjoy wonderful healthy alternatives to commercially made food. All the great taste you could want, without compromising on nutrition.

Antonia also discussed how people can make small but meaningful changes to their lifestyles, such as “meat-free Mondays”. In response to listeners’ questions, she explained that healthy eating needn’t be as expensive as people believe, if they shop locally and grow some of their own produce. After all, meat is now very expensive.

She also recommended calling ahead to restaurants and asking them to create alternative vegan and vegetarian dishes. As a chef, Antonia confirmed that most kitchens will be happy to oblige and create a delicious, healthful dish “off menu”.

Last but not least, Antonia stressed that eating healthily is an investment in yourself – and could save thousands in medical bills over the years. Tune in again soon for more Leafy Greens ideas and recipes – everything you need to put a smile on your dial!

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold or silver - Mahatma Gandhi

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