Getting the word out

Sharing what I’ve learned.

I’ve been lucky enough to learn a great many lessons about health and wellness during my life – some of them the hard way. Of course, there is always more to learn, and I stay curious so that I can soak up as much wisdom as I can.

My passion for food and cooking is matched by my passion for engaging with as many people as possible, to share what I’ve learned (through trial, error and some very kind and patient teachers). My nutritional education began in our Italian family kitchen, and that’s where I acquired my thirst for knowledge.

There is so much goodness in the world: good things to eat and drink, but also good things to know. As soon as I learn a new recipe, or yoga position, or about the power of a certain ingredient or way of thinking, I can’t wait to share it.

That’s really what this website is about – sharing my journey, and what I’ve learned (and I’m still learning) along the way. Happily, the world is much more receptive to organic ingredients and plant-based lifestyles nowadays, which means that there is a real appetite for inspiring information and practical advice.

Whenever I get the opportunity – on radio, online, or in print – I try and pass on my passion for eating well and doing good. It’s another way of paying it forward, and – once I got over my shyness – it’s something that I really enjoy!

Don't Vegetate. Grow.

Plant. nurture. enjoy.

"Green is not just a colour – it’s a way of life. Be inspired by Antonia’s Way.