Sweet Potato and Banana Breakfast

Leafy Greens Breakfast

Leafy Greens has become an established fixture on the Jo’burg healthy foodie map, but did you know that we also serve delicious and healthy breakfasts?

Our weekend breakfast buffet is a great way to begin a busy Saturday or chilled Sunday; during the week you can choose from our four classic early morning dishes. Each has been created to set you up for a wonderful day, whatever you have planned. Let’s hear from two of my friends who recently visited Leafy Greens for breakfast: “We were early enough that we were the first people to arrive, taking a short stroll along the sun-dappled path from the parking area. A friendly smile from our waiter as he showed us to our table, and the sounds of cheerful activity from the kitchen, only served to increase our anticipation.

You might think that with a short menu - perfect for those mornings when you need to streamline your decision-making – would make it easy to choose, but all the items were so appealing that it took us a few minutes to make up our minds. Two expertly-made cappuccinos gave us focus, and we chose a protein bircher breakfast – which bowled us over as it’s packed with low-GI, gluten-free oats and loads of superfood ingredients, and comes with fresh chopped fruit and Antonia’s raw honey. It was filling in exactly the right way.

We also chose the chocolate banana toast, which hits the sweet spot being healthy and decadent. The toast is actually sweet potato, and layered on top of the cheery orange wedges were banana slices generously smothered in homemade chocolate nut butter. One word: wow!

This was food to linger over, so we pushed our morning meetings back and enjoyed our breakfast before practically floating out of Leafy Greens Café to resume our day.

Eat Well. Do Good.

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