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Festive Season Health Tips

The Festive Season is a time of joy and relaxation – but it can also be a potential minefield when it comes to your health and wellness. There’s a lot happening: work deadlines, office parties, socialising, and even just the break in routine that comes when you finally take some leave.

Temptation is everywhere, with alcohol flowing and buffet tables groaning with everything you would never normally eat. A lot of people find that they gain weight over the holidays, or feel a combination of physical symptoms and guilt when they let their good eating habits slide.

Of course, we’re not saying don’t have fun – enjoying life is a vital part of living well, and laughter really is one of the best medicines. To help you navigate Christmastime with your health intact, here are three great tips to help you enjoy yourself without undoing any of your good work:

  • To avoid reaching for the first bread roll, bowl of chips or fried snack that you see at an office function or friend’s house, have a small salad before you go out. This will help take the edge off your hunger, and remove the urge to nibble on all the wrong things. Raw snacks like cucumber or carrot sticks are another great option – you could even take a few with you.
  • The combination of summer heat and a glass or two of alcohol can quickly lead to dehydration – a headache is often the first sign of this. Drink lots of water between each drink that you have, to help you stay hydrated – this will also reduce any feelings of thirst, and mean that you’re less likely to drink too much alcohol. And if you do have a drink or two, please don’t drive – you have way too much to live for to risk being in an accident!
  • It’s a well-known phenomenon that when we see a lot of food spread out on a buffet, we’re more likely to overeat. Slow down by putting your plate or cutlery down regularly. Eating more slowly means that you’ll enjoy the food more, and gives your body a chance to register that it has eaten enough. This will also give you more time to chat to people, which after all is the point of a party!

“The path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom” – William Blake

Wishing you all a wonderful Festive Season, and don’t forget to eat well and do good!

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