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Antonias Way Book Launch

A garden party on a perfect Gauteng summer afternoon was the ideal setting for the Leafy Greens launch of Antonia’s new book, Antonia’s Way. Bees buzzed drowsily between the hydrangeas, and the white roof of the marquee rippled in the breeze. The distant thunder stayed away, and an enthusiastic gathering of friends and fans of Leafy Greens came together to celebrate the arrival of Antonia’s second book.

The buffet lunch featured recipes from Antonia’s Way, and the accompanying sparkling wine contributed to the steady hum of anticipation before Antonia spoke. She thanked the many people who have inspired her on her own health journey, and who have contributed to the success of Leafy Greens.

It was clear that both the Café and the new book have been collaborative efforts, and she mentioned her parents (who looked on proudly) in particular as having helped her take the first few steps along the road to becoming a respected wellness expert.

Antonia persuaded some of the less-shy of her team of magic-makers to step away from the kitchen for a few moments, and it was a real highlight to be introduced to them, and to hear the stories of how they became experts in smoothies, freshly squeezed juices, and all manner of organic dishes.

The guests also got to hear Antonia’s own story in more detail: a journey that spans three continents, but that has seen her return home to the farm where she grew up. She also revealed the exciting news that she and her husband are expecting, and that their child will also get to enjoy an idyllic rural upbringing.

Dessert was served in the shape of Antonia’s signature almond rochers and raw chocolate brownies, and these were snapped up just as quickly as copies of Antonia’s Way. Speaking of signatures, Antonia made time to chat to everyone who purchased a copy, and sign it with a personal, inspiring health message.

The launch of Antonia’s Way at Leafy Greens proved to be a day of new beginnings, and perfect holiday happiness.

Eat Well. Do Good.

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