Welcome to my blog site!

"Knowledge is power, so knowing more about looking after your body through nutrition, exercise, and positive thinking will leave you feeling energised."

Welcome to my blog site! I’m glad you’ve found it, because we have so much to share and talk about. I’ve been fortunate that my own journey to health and wellness has led me to a point where I’m comfortable in my skin and – by and large – I know what works best for me, and what doesn’t.

There’s a lot of health information online, so much so that it seems to be confusing and overwhelming many of the people I talk to. I’ve always believed that anyone who wants to eat well and do good deserves all the help and support they can get.

That’s really what this blog site is for – a place where you can come when you need advice or inspiration, and facts that you can trust about food, supplements, and taking care of yourself. Enjoy exploring my new site, and all the very best as you embark on your own wellness journey. Remember, you’re not alone.


Growing up on a farm, I’ve had a lifelong interest in where our food comes from, and how the way that we grow it and harvest it has a direct impact on our health and wellbeing. After a few false starts on my own journey to health, I sought the advice of some of America’s top nutrition and wellness experts, and studied their approaches and methods.

This gave me the insights and confidence I needed to open Leafy Greens Café, and allows me to spend part of each day talking to our customers, as well as time tending to the plants on our farm, and getting creative in the Leafy Greens kitchen as we come up with new dishes, all inspired by the very freshest seasonal produce.

It’s quite a juggling act, being a business owner, an entrepreneur and now a blogger as well, but the lessons I’ve learned about nutrition mean that I’ve got lots of energy to devote to every part of my life, so watch this space for regular blog posts!



The first Leafy Greens book, “Recipes from our organic garden”, contains many of the recipes that have become classics. We change our menu with the seasons, but there are certain dishes that always get requested, so whenever we can source the right fresh, organic ingredients, we make them again.

With a copy of the Leafy Greens Recipe Book in your kitchen, you can recreate the tastes of Leafy Greens in your own kitchen, and delight your family with light, energising meals bursting with flavour.


Antonia's advice on purging toxins

It’s almost impossible to completely avoid toxins, but there are natural substances you can use to absorb them and flush them out of your system. Each month, I’ll be sharing tips on how you can use natural substances to absorb toxins and flush them out of your body before they can cause lasting harm.